Framework (3)

The last two floor battens have been fitted. The fwd ends of these battens still need to be trimmed and shaped. The sheer clamps are next, but I will have to make up the required lengths first. I could only get 3.6 m sticks of 42 x 19 mm softwood (pine). I also started the time-consuming task of fairing this collection of frames and sticks.



Chine logs (2)

The chine logs have been glued down. In order to make this operation less cumbersome, I fixed the aft ends of the chine logs first to the frames #4 – #6 and to the transom. While the epoxy cured, I clamped the fwd end into position at frame #1 to ensure that the chine logs sit fair. Once the epoxy hardened, I fixed the fwd ends to the frames #1 – #3 and to the stem.



Chine logs

Two more floor battens have been installed. The chine logs are ready to be glued to the frames. These sticks have a pretty good bend in them, and they also twist by about 40º fwd of frame #5. To ensure that things stay in place while the epoxy is curing, I might put a SS screw (deeply countersunk) into the chine logs at each one of the frames and the stem.



Floor battens

The first of the floor battens have been installed. Two more of the battens are ready to be fitted, but first I need to make a couple of the slots a bit wider (~2 mm). I had a trial fit of the chine logs. These can be coerced into position without the need of steaming, but I am not sure about the sheer clamps.


Keelson (2)

The keelson has been glued to frames #4 – #6 and to the transom. The sticks clamped to the frames hold things square while the epoxy cures.



The keelson is fitted to the stem and frames #2 and #3. I have tapered the keelson fwd of frame #3 to the width of the stem (55 mm) before gluing down. The top edges have also been rounded over with a 1/4″ bit. The timbers (19 x 42 mm) for the chine logs and sheer clamps are glued together (scarfed) to make up the required lengths.




Frame #1

Frame #1 is attached to the stem. As with frame #2, I made small triangular ‘brackets’ to increase the glue area between the frame and the stem. Small epoxy fillets will be added to all of these joints.

The sheer clamps and the chine logs will be fitted next. I have decided to cut the notches into the forward frames using the sheer clamps and the chine logs to locate the correct positions for the notches. This will make it easier to get fair curves.