This page lists all modifications and deviations from the plans or the manual.

These are the changes that have been applied already:

  • More lift-out sections in the floor boards. This allows for a bit more storage, but the main reason is access to all areas of the bilge and the drain plug in bulkhead 8.
  • Drain plugs in bulkheads 2 and 8. While there should never be any water in these compartments, the plugs provide means to check that there actually isn’t.
  • Double the width of the cleats for the floorboards on bulkheads 2 and 8. Having the last screws for the floorboards not right at the edge looks better and there is less chance splitting a board.
  • A shelf and electrical box in storage area between bulkheads 1 and 2.
  • Floors in the lazarettes ( self draining into footwell ). Sooner or later, water will get in through the hatches or by storing wet gear. Because of the foam there is no way to get it out. The floors makes the area with the foam water tight and stops anything getting lost under the foam.
  • Glass on underside of footwell.
  • Glass on underside of forward deck.
  • Glass tape on inside joints between panels and transom.
  • Glass on underside of cockpit deck.
  • Small lift-out section in cockpit deck to access the centre-board. There is some anecdotal evidence, that the center-board occasionally requires a nudge. Also, access for maintenance is simplified.
  • No cleats at joints between footwell sides and transom, fillet and glass instead.
  • Mainsheet final (ratchet) block on transom. Moving the mainsheet to the back, keeps the cockpit clear of all obstacles.
  • Smaller rub rails. I find the rails as specified a bit too bulky.

These are changes that will be made later during construction:

  • (Small) battery under floor aft of bulkhead 2. Keeps the storage compartment free for stuff.
  • Shortened or removable tabernacle. I might just be able to fit the boat on its trailer into the shed.
  • Omission of (optional) boom gallows. I am not sure about the looks of the gallows. A topping lift (and a removable crutch for transport) will do the job.
  • Hinged (removable) doors instead of drop-boards.
  • Some changes to standing and running rigging (e.g. synthetic stays, no sail-tracks, topping lift, spinnaker halyard as backup forestay).