Lead ballast (2)

It took only about 2 hours to fill the second box with lead. For obvious reasons, I am doing this kind of work al fresco. Unfortunately, the wind has now become a bit too fresco and this makes things very difficult to heat up. I will wait until tomorrow to do the next box.

Lead ballast

The first of the four ballast boxes has been filled with 24 kg (53 lbs ) of lead. Smelting this amount of lead was a slow and tedious exercise using my hi-tech smelter. I lined the bottom of the box with a double layer of aluminium foil before the first pour, because I was worried … Continue reading Lead ballast

Bits and pieces

I have made a small mounting block for the stern-light. The butterfly vents are installed inside the cabin. I have decided to put a layer of glass on the sides of the tabernacle. The installation of electrics progresses, and the 'home-grown' GPS unit is coming along. It works fine, but I need to build a … Continue reading Bits and pieces