Sea-trials 2 and 3

We had the boat out on the river in winds from 2 – 12 kts. The centre-board deployed as it should, and the boat behaved well on all points of sail. A few little things needed attention:

Running the mainsheet off a ratchet block on the transom works extremely well. Because of the extremely low loads, I can keep the tiller and the mainsheet in one hand. Nevertheless, I made and installed a little jam-cleat on the tiller, which takes care of the mainsheet (for use in favourable conditions only).

A few times while tacking, the jib sheets snagged underneath the cleats for the jib/stay halyards. A saddle on the sprit with a piece of line (red) to the top cleat will keep things clear.

I have moved some of the ballast further forward, because the boat was squatting. Now there are ~40 kg aft of bulkhead 2 and ~50kg aft of floor 4.