Running rigging

Setting up the running rigging was ‘interesting’. I started with the jib. The length of the luff-wire, the height of the furler, the top block, the swivel and the shackle added up to 2″ more than they should be. To make it work, I doubled up on the soft shackle (to make it shorter), removed the swivel and used a swivel block instead. With a bit of mast rake, everything works fine. The little Barton furler works very well, even without a dedicated swivel up top. The mainsail halyards did not cause any problems at all. The topping lift is yet to be installed … I ran out of line.

I screwed a couple of jamming cleats (for the jib halyard and the stay) onto the bottom of the mast. The control lines on the cabin roof are jib sheet (10 mm white/black) and furler (4 mm spectra red) on the port side, and throat (6 mm white/blue), peak (6 mm white/red and jib sheet on the starboard side.

It is very windy here, so I will have to wait bending on the main sail.