Mast raised

The mast has been raised. It needs a bit of rake, so there will be a small block of wood in the tabernacle. The forestay is simply running from the bowsprit through a block at the masthead down to the tabernacle. Even without any purchase, it is easy to haul up the mast for the last bit with this line.

The ‘plastic’ shrouds (Dyneema) ended up having the correct length. There is a distance of ~ 8″ between the SS rings at the bottom of the shrouds and the shackles on the chain plates. The lashings in between consist of 6 turns of 4 mm Dyneema. That attachment has a breaking strength > 15 t despite the sharp turns.

The boom crutch (post) works fine. The main sheet is cleated down with a bit of tension on the mooring cleat and holds everything in place. The mast will be tied to the boom with a couple of bits of rope for trailering.

It is very windy today. I will have to delay bending on the sails until tomorrow.