Outboard engine

After ‘due consideration’ of all the possibilities re the motor installation, I made a cutout in the transom. The advantages of installing the shiny new Honda 2.3 in this way, instead of using some sort of bracket, are:

  • the weight is further forward
  • easy access to engine controls (tiller, choke, etc. are actually inside the boat)
  • easy to refuel
  • cheap

On the down side, the solution doesn’t look good. Then again, having the motor hanging off a bracket doesn’t look that good either. I have glued (and screwed) a 3/4″ hardwood block to the back of the transom already, and there will be a 1/4″ hard-wood doubler around the cutout on the inside of the boat as well. This should give the entire area enough strength. I will have to take a bit more wood and paint off, before glueing the doubler down.

The prop clears the rudder at full deflection, and when the motor is tilted up, the prop will be well clear of the water.