More hardware

The chainplates for the shrouds are fixed with four M6 SS bolts, large washers and dome nuts inside the cabin. The bow sprit is attached to the tabernacle and the support brackets with a length of M8 threaded SS rod with washers and wing nuts on both ends.

I had to rethink the way the cover plates for the air-scoops are fixed to the boat. The first idea was to attach the scoops permanently to the covers, and then use some bolts to secure the lot to the boat. Because the cabin roof isn’t flat, the ply covers did not sit nicely when screwed down. So … I opened up the mounting holes for the scoops in the covers and inserted blind nuts. Then I glued down the covers. Now I will have to ‘camouflage’ the ¬†original mounting holes in the covers.

I fixed a pad-eye to the underside of the boom and tied a piece of line around the tabernacle. The hole in the boom for the gooseneck pin is still oversized, because it hasn’t been treated with epoxy. Without the sail (under tension), there is nothing to stop the boom from sliding aft and dropping onto the cabin roof. A permanent soft-shackle will secure the boom with or without the main sail. I might install another pad-eye on the tabernacle, if I can’t attach the soft shackle on the gooseneck fitting properly.