Hardware, rigging

After sanding the footwell floor, I glued on the ‘feet’ on the underside.

The goose-neck is attached to the tabernacle with four SS screws (c/s on the back of the tabernacle). The hardware of the bowsprit is installed. I used pieces of 5mm threaded rod from 304, cut to size in situ. I installed the pad-eyes with washers and nuts, and I cut the rod with a hacksaw afterwards. Then I used a file and the Dremel tool to remove any burrs. The bob-stay is very tight. To attach the D-shackle at the bow-eye, I have to use the sprit as a monkey-bar during the process.

I made up the jib-sheets from soft 10mm braided polyester rope. The 15′ sheets have an eye spliced into one end and will be attached to the jib with a soft-shackle. The other ends of the sheets are whipped and ‘singed’ to stop them from fraying.