Paint and hardware

The boat had another coat of paint. I will apply another coat to the cockpit deck, footwell and ¬†forward deck. The underside of the sea hood slide received its final coat. Some of the hardware (cleats) on the cabin top has been installed.  


The hardware on the masthead is attached. The pad-eyes are fixed with lengths of M5 316 threaded rod with washers and nuts on both sides. The jib halyard is attached with an endless loop (doubled up) of Dyneema around the mast. A pad-eye on the back of the mast holds the loop in position. This … Continue reading Masthead


The boom has had the last coat of varnish and the hardware has been installed. Two cheek blocks and two cleats for the reefing lines are on the starboard side. The block, cleat and a saddle for the outhaul are on the port side. Additionally there is a pad-eye for the topping lift, and a … Continue reading Spars