Footwell floor (2)

After fitting and cleaning up (sanding) the footwell floor, I ran the router with a 1/8" round-over bit along all edges, including the slots, on both sides. Then I gave the entire thing a quick sanding with #180 grit, using small strips of sandpaper in the slots. The first coat of epoxy has been applied.

Footwell floor

The weather is somewhat miserable today ... I glued up the floor for the footwell and got out of the shed. I had to use various clamping techniques to make sure that everything is squeezed together and that the floor stays flat. A double layer of plastic wrap will prevent the whole thing from sticking … Continue reading Footwell floor

Primer (2)

The first coat of primer has been applied to the rest of the rear deck and the footwell. Once the paint has dried, I will give the entire area a quick treatment with #180 grit. A second coat of primer and another light sanding will follow.


The first coat of varnish, i.e. glossy exterior marine grade PU, has been applied to the cabin roof, sea-hood and slide. The Tasmanian Oak (E. obliqua) comes up quite nicely, and the timber matches the plywood panels very well. Some of the customisations can also be seen in the photos: The doubler on bulkhead 2, which … Continue reading Varnish


After finishing the ballast boxes and after a bit of of dusting, I have rolled on a coat of primer on various parts of the boat. The transom, footwell and seats will be done after the last of the 'wood work' has been completed. The topsides, sea-hood, transom trim and grabrails will be finished bright, … Continue reading Primer