Drilling, bobstay

Drilling the holes for the bolts on the mast head was less of a problem than expected. The pairs of pad-eyes for the shrouds and the forestay/topping-lift/peak-halyard will be fixed with through-bolts. Therefore the 5mm holes have to be straight and in line to match the holes in the pad-eyes. I don’t have a drill press, so I clamped a set-square onto the mast as an alignment tool to guide the drill along the steel edge. This worked out fine and the all the holes turned out nice and square (?) … you know what I mean.

The bobstay is made from 6 mm Dyneema with self-locking Brummel splices in both ends. The pad-eye at the bow-sprit is spliced into the line and the bottom end is a simple loop with a shackle. I was planning to use 4 mm line for the bobstay, which would have been strong enough, but it just didn’t look right.