Boom crutch

The boom crutch, which will only be in place while the boat is on the trailer, is a laminated post made from a couple of lengths of 19 x 42 Tassie Oak. On top of the post is a short crossbar with two little uprights on either end. In the photo, the crutch is held upright by a piece of rope going through the holes for the bridle. I will attach two lengths of Dyneema to the top of the crutch. There will be spliced eyes in the ends to be hooked over the mooring cleats. The length of these lines has to be exactly right so that they are taut when the bottom of the post is moved into position. There will be a ‘mechanism’ to stop the post from sliding within the foot well.

Note that in the picture, the mast is sitting on some brackets at the shed wall – it is nowhere near the boat.