Fitting out (3)

Rather than running the cable for the stern light through the existing and rather large holes in the floor supports, I have drilled a small hole in every floor as close as possible to the port side. Therefore, the thin cable for the LED light won’t be in the way of ballast boxes and other things stored in the bilge. The cables for the navigation lights leave the Dorade boxes through little blocks glued down and smothered in epoxy. These will be watertight.

I made a little handhold to operate the sea hood slide from the inside.

The two plywood ‘kits’ for the last two ballast boxes are cut. The boxes will fit the shape of the spaces between bulkhead 2 and floor 3 ( or between floors 3 and 4 ). They will be assembled so that one is the mirror image of the other, i.e. one for the port- and one for the starboard side.

I drilled and filled the holes for the pad-eyes on the bow sprit. I drilled the holes 1 mm oversized and filled them with runny epoxy. After a few minutes, I let the epoxy drain out. Now the holes are nicely coated inside, and are at the right size for the 4 mm bolts.

IMG_1001  IMG_1002   IMG_0998 IMG_1003