Bow eye

Installing the bow eye is another one of those ‘interesting’ tasks. The legs of the u-bolt needed to be shortened, because they were far too long to use a socket wrench, which is the only tool that can be used to tighten things up. Once the bolt was ready to install, I filled the holes with epoxy and also added epoxy as I inserted the u-bolt into the hull.

Working through the access hatch in bulkhead 1 is ok, because you can reach in and do things and you can see what is going on. Unfortunately these things are not possible at the same time. Working blindly with a socket wrench at odd angles, while every thing is covered with sticky epoxy … arghhh.

In the photo you can also see the pile of lead for the internal ballast ( ~ 100kg ). This is a mixture of new pipes and old roof flashing. The flashing is very clean, with only a few spots of paint.