Synthetic shrouds

The photo shows the shrouds made from 4mm Dyneema SK 75.  I spliced an eye in each end. The splices are of the self-locking Brummel kind, because Dyneema is extremely slippery (a ‘long-burial’ splice won’t hold). The ends will attach to the pad-eyes (mast head) and to the steel rings with a ‘cow-hitch’ (think luggage-tags). The shrouds weigh 22 grams each.

I will use the same material for the bob-stay and the fore-stay. This stay will not be loaded heavily, and it will be rigged in lieu of the spinnaker halyard as a ‘safety’ backup for the jib halyard. One end of the stay will be permanently attached to the top of the mast, the other will be shackled to the bow-sprit whenever the mast is upright. This will make un/furling the jib a bit easier, because the luff can be eased a touch.

My very first soft-shackle isn’t the prettiest, but I am sure that they will get better once I made a few in various sizes. This shackle is under load 4″ long, weighs 3 grams, and doesn’t scratch the paint work.