Rudder hinge, companion way doors

The local engineering company had a ~1m length of 12mm rod of SS (316) in their stash, which suits perfectly as part of the rudder-hinge-pin-assembly. Cutting 100mm off with the angle grinder was easy. Drilling two holes (4mm) for the split rings with a hand held power drill was, shall we say, an ‘interesting’ thing to do. Smoothing out the ends of the rod with a file was rather tedious. I drilled slightly undersized holes into the rudder and filled the holes with runny epoxy. While screwing the eye bolts in, I added drops of epoxy as ‘lubrication’ onto the threads.  When the epoxy has cured, I will mark the locations of the eyebolts on the transom, using the rudder for proper alignment.

I made up the companion way doors from some 9mm left-over ply. Four SS ‘lift-off’ flag hinges allow for the doors to be removable. To get the right geometry in order for the doors to sit on weather strips (seals) inside the flange, these hinges need to  be fixed on little pads. The doors will have some timber trim (stiffeners) added and will be glassed on both sides.