Sea-hood, storage floor

The runners for the sea-hood slide are installed, and the slide moves without binding. I was still not happy with the location of the battery. The boat will have minimal electrics, i.e. running lights, anchor light and some cabin light (all LEDs  < 2W each). The lot has a combined power consumption of less than 10W ( i.e. < 1A at 12V). A rechargeable battery pack of 20Ah will do the job ( for a couple of nights anyway ). Such a small battery doesn’t need a battery box. So, I fitted floorboards in the storage area between bulkhead 1 and 2 with a removable section in the centre. The battery pack will be secured underneath and a cable channel runs behind bulkhead 2.

That leaves the immediate area in the bilge aft of bulkhead 2 to store bits and pieces.