Centreboard lift

I have glued a small slotted hardwood block into the top of the centreboard box. At the end of the slot is a shallow countersunk area for a knot in the pendant to sit in. This knot is just far enough from the top of the centreboard to slip the knot into position. Once in position, the centreboard hangs on the pendant ( 4mm Spectra line ). The other end of the line is fixed to the underside of the cover at a distance of 28″ from the knot (not shown in photo).  The plywood cover strip (lid) has a hardwood backing, and the cover is used as a handle to lift/lower the centreboard. The lid itself holds the centreboard in the down position.

In the up-position the line is stored on top of the centreboard, and the lid sits flush with the deck. This arrangement has no pulley, or any line and cleat in the cockpit.