Starting the fit-out

Before painting the inside, I will drill as many holes for the hardware as possible. If it becomes necessary to ‘undo’ a hole, it can be done without having to worry too much. The inside of the holes will be coated with epoxy and it is nice to be able to sand things flush without destroying the paint job.

The pictures show some of my little deviations from the plans:

The layout of the hardware on the cabin roof is somewhat different from that suggested in the manual. The throat- and peek-halyard will be double cleated. While the cam cleats will take the strain, the horn cleats, slightly off the cams’ centres, will guard against accidental release of the halyards. It does not take much to release a line from a cam cleat, and there will be a gaff and a lot of sail aloft. The cam cleats for jib sheets are at the rear edge of the roof. The fairleads for the jib (maybe blocks) will be at the position indicated in the manual.

Any shackles attached to chainplates (tangs) would foul on the toe-rails (grab-rails), so I made a couple of 3/4″ shims from very hard wood to place under the chainplates. There will be four bolts with large washers (instead of two bolts and a backing plate).