I painted the underside of the sea-hood and the part of the cabin roof that will become inaccessible under the hood with PU. The starboard deadlight flanges are glued on.

Because the tabernacle needs to be removable ( the shed door is too low ), I decided to make a couple of support brackets for it. The photo shows the plywood pattern for these pieces. I will make the brackets out of 3/4″ Tasmanian Oak. They will be glued and screwed to the bulkhead to give a snug fit for the tabernacle. The tabernacle will be fixed with through bolts, large washers and wing-nuts (?) to the bulkhead and the doubler inside the cabin. A single bolt will  hold the tabernacle and the bow-sprit in the brackets. With the hole in the right place and some careful rounding over of the tabernacle forward lower corners, the tabernacle will rotate forward, once the through-bolts have been removed.