Rudder and inspection plates

The inspection plates for the centre-board case and bulkhead 1 are installed. The rudder hinge is completed. The tiller can be moved fully to either side, until touching the back rests. The tiller remains clear of the transom at full deflection. I made the second of the ballast boxes.

Synthetic shrouds

The photo shows the shrouds made from 4mm Dyneema SK 75.  I spliced an eye in each end. The splices are of the self-locking Brummel kind, because Dyneema is extremely slippery (a 'long-burial' splice won't hold). The ends will attach to the pad-eyes (mast head) and to the steel rings with a 'cow-hitch' (think luggage-tags). … Continue reading Synthetic shrouds

Cabin interior

The last areas of the cabin have their first coat of primer, after masking off  all the cleats and carlins. I might finish the cabin roof bright, but I am not sure. I also taped the inside doubler around the companion way, which will be varnished on the in- and outside.