Cabin, mast, hood and things

While the boat is waiting to be turned over again, I am working on various things. I painted some more inside the cabin and applied a couple of coats of PU onto the transom. The undersides of the sea-hood and slide are primed.

I have taken the cradle apart, and I have used the timber to build a couple of padded supports to secure the boat once it has been turned. The boat will be sitting on its keel on top of some bits of foam. I might have to make another pair of these supports – we’ll see.

To protect the mast from scrapes and dings from the gaff-jaws, I applied a layer of glass around the mast where the gaff will be positioned under ‘normal’ sailing conditions. I covered the mast  for two feet (9′ to 11′ from the bottom). The inside of the gaff-jaws will be padded with leather to reduce wear and tear (and noise).