Paint (blue 2)

The 2nd coat of blue is done. The next job will be masking the boot stripe and applying two coats of white paint. Although the stripe looks white, it is only covered in grey primer. The transom will be left without any paint - just a coat or three of glossy clear marine polyurethane.


After lightly sanding the second coat of primer yesterday, I marked and taped the water-line. Today I applied the first coat of white enamel to the area below the water-line. I will give this a quick treatment with some 240# grit tomorrow, provided the paint has dried properly. I will roll on the second coat … Continue reading Paint

Hull primed

The hull has its first coat of primer. There will be a second coat of this grey marine primer after a quick sanding with 120#. However, it will take 24 hours before this stuff is ready to sand. Given that the boat will not live in the water, there is no need for any anti-fouling paint.