After dry fitting the staves, the mast is now partially glued up. The back rests level on a few blocks and shims, and the sides are glued to the back and clamped. The forward stave of the mast is put on top to make sure that everything stays square while the epoxy is curing. The mast is clamped onto the workbench/trestle at the ends and about halfway up. Before tightening the clamp in the middle, I used a string line to make sure that the assembly is straight.  Unfortunately, I can’t remove any squeeze-out on the inside while the epoxy is still ‘green’. Depending on how much there is, I might just leave it in there (nobody will ever know). The ends of the mast will have have to be cleaned up nevertheless, because any squeeze-out would interfere with the ‘filler’-blocks that will be glued in.