Last glass, grab-rails

The last bits of fibreglass cloth are wetted out – yay! The centre-board and the inside of the tabernacle have some more epoxy.

I also made some grab rails from 3/4″ Tassie Oak.  Unlike my previous attempt, which transmogrified into a small amount of firewood, the rails turned out quite nicely. The method of making these I got from some website, which I can’t find again. It goes like this: Start with a piece of timber (1100 mm) as wide as twice the rail’s height (120 mm) and mark the center line. Mark the location of the feet and the centres of the circles (75 mm)  on the centre line. With the hole saw cut the holes and mark the waste between the holes. After cutting out the waste with the jig-saw, the piece of timber has 3 long holes in it. Then cut along the centre line (4 cuts) and you have two grab rails. Cut the radii at the ends, trim with the ROS and round over the edges with the router. A bit of sanding by hand – done.