Transom, mast staves

The transom is glassed. The fabric goes for about 5″ around the edges onto the bottom and side panels. The glass on the panels will be fitted to wrap around the edges onto the transom. These double layers of glass will strengthen the boat and will also help to protect the edges from damage.

While the epoxy cured, I cut and trimmed the fore and aft staves for the mast. I drew a centreline on one of the timbers (Hoop Pine) and marked the outline of the taper as per plan. After ripping off the waste with a hand saw, I used a hand plane to take off the rest down to the mark (note the wood shavings on the floor). Using the first stave as a template, I marked the second length of timber and shaped it in the same way. In the end I clamped the two staves together and used the sander with #40 grit to get the final shape and smooth out things. The staves are about 16′ 6″ and will be trimmed after the mast has been glued together.

I thought about using either the circular saw or the jig-saw to remove the waste, but I couldn’t think of a clever way to secure these timbers onto the workbench and trestles. Any clamps would have been in the way of the saw, and I didn’t want to drill countersunk holes in the staves to screw them down. Besides, using a hand saw and a hand planer is a good cardio exercise …