Gaff jaws

I have glued three bits of 6 mm ply together, with fibreglass fabric between the laminations. The gaff will be epoxied into the long square slot (1" wide). There will be a through-bolted¬† double eye bolt/nut combo at the marked spot for the sail's throat and the throat halyard. Additionally there will a couple of … Continue reading Gaff jaws

Mast (3)

After sealing the interior, the mast is now closed and glued up. I sanded all faces and trimmed both ends. After the edges are rounded over, I will take another inch off the top for a final length of 16'.


After dry fitting the staves, the mast is now partially glued up. The back rests level on a few blocks and shims, and the sides are glued to the back and clamped. The forward stave of the mast is put on top to make sure that everything stays square while the epoxy is curing. The … Continue reading Mast