Sea-hood (3)

I glued the top onto the sea-hood last night. First thing today I cut the parts for the slide frame. The forward and aft curved pieces needed a bit of trimming to fit the companionway cutout – the patterns for the parts were about 1/4″ too wide (or, the companion way cutout is 1/4″ too narrow). After checking that things are square and don’t bind anywhere, I glued the frame for the slide together, fixing things with a few SS screws. In the photo the slide frame sits on a couple of spacers, which are a bit too high. Once the slide rides with its rails in the grooves, it will be about 1/4″ lower. Since the photo was taken, the slide frame has been faired and the plywood top of the slide is glued down.

The sea-hood itself is pretty much cleaned up, except for some screw-holes that need to filled. I have already put some fillets down on the inside, ready for painting with epoxy.