Bowsprit and filler coat

I lightly sanded the first filler coat on the cabin roof, top-side panels inside and out, etc. and rolled on another (thin) coat of epoxy.

While the epoxy cured … I rounded over and chamfered the bowsprit. For those who have not done that, make a note on your plans: the forward measurement of the chamfer location is given on the plan as 31-1/2″ or 927.1 mm. That is not even close, because 31-1/2″ is only 800 mm. I picked it up in time because I measure everything twice, first in mm and then feet or whatever is alternatively specified in the plans and the manual. As we know, there are also a few little ‘translation’ issues in the manual. If in doubt, work with the values given in inches: it would be very difficult, for example, to ‘un-chamfer’ the bowsprit.