More glass (2)

I finished glassing the rear cabin wall and feathered the seams where any glass overlaps. There were a few runs and drips which I sanded off in the process.  In order to get the last bit of  fibre glass on the roof to sit properly, I applied a fillet around the butt block. Tomorrow I can hit the top edges of the ‘block’ (it is only 6 mm ply) with the sander and feather it in. The glass will then lay down nicely over the top of the block.

To those who wonder about the pink tape hanging from the rafter, I offer a quick explanation. When ‘someone’ walks in the boat, the head occasionally makes contact with this bit of steel. This has two consequences: firstly, there is every time an utterance of fairly rude words like ‘oh bother’. Secondly, over time this beam will wear down and there is a good chance that it may fail altogether – with serious consequences. As a measure to protect the beam and therefor the structural integrity of the shed, I tied a bit of high-viz tape to the zone of impact.