Milestone: Cabin roof

A milestone in the building process: the cabin roof is glued down. While I was doing the last dry-fit, I ran a pencil around the underside of the roof panel to mark the exact edges, and also marked the position of bulkhead 2 and the top rails on the top of the roof. Back on the bench, I buzzed off all of the waste with the jig-saw about 1/8″ outside the pencil line.

After masking all faces of the cleats inside the cabin, I applied generously a non-drip mix of epoxy to the tops of all cleats. Standing inside the companion way, it was actually quite easy to put the roof into place. If you grab the roof by the forward edge of the cut-out it is nicely balanced and easily lowered onto the top rails. Keeping the fore-and-aft edges of the cut-out lined up with the top rails and getting the forward edge lined up with the 20-1/2″ marks on the rails was not too difficult. Once the panel sat in place, I placed a few clamps along the roof inside the companion way to stop it from moving about. One clamp each between roof and the deadlight cut-outs, and a clamp on either side between roof and the sheer-clamps in front of the Dorade boxes made things bend as required. After that, I drove temporary screws every 4 – 5″ into all of the cleats, starting at the top and ending along the sheer-clamps.

Running a paint scraper along all edges on the inside and the outside to collect the squeeze-out took a minute. I also removed all of the masking tape from the inside cleats before the epoxy started to set.