Dry-fitting the roof

The trim on the transom skirt is finished. I think it looks quite attractive, although it is not exactly the same section as specified on the plan. I dry-fitted the cabin roof and to make things ‘fair’, I had to take about 1/8″ off the forward corners of the Dorade boxes. Without doing that, the roof wanted to lift at bulkhead 2, and when forcing the roof down, the plywood would be in a compound bend. It would look hideous …

The second photo shows the butt block being glued to the top of the cabin roof. The underside has been sanded and is ready to go.

I also spent some more time cleaning up, i.e. sanding, on the inside of the cabin. One of the jobs was to fill the inside joint between the deck and rear cabin panel with epoxy and to round it over. I might glue some glass tape over it – this joint needs to be strong.