Fillets, fillets, fillets, …

The fillets around the cockpit deck and forward deck are done. I made several 180 g batches of goo during the process. Glass has been applied to the forward deck. I decided to put the glass down before installing the sheer-clamps.  It is easier to do at this point because the fabric can be trimmed along the top edge after the epoxy has cured. The little bit of fuzz will be sanded off tomorrow. The small white patch in the corner of the forward deck is a pool of thickened epoxy. The drain hole through the side panel will be drilled right in the corner at a very shallow angle so that the bottom edge of the hole will be about 2 mm lower than the surface of the deck.

The taped joints between the side panels have been sanded and feathered in. The port side joints and seat back frames had their final coat of epoxy. All holes from the temporary screws in the decks are filled and sanded.