Fillets and tape

After putting in the fillet between deck and cabin rear, it is ok now to walk all over the deck. The fillet has one layer of biaxial fibreglass tape, which I applied before the fillet cured. I made a super runny mix and used a paint brush to wet out the tape. I have sanded the edges with #80 and I will apply another coat of epoxy before the entire area gets covered with cloth later.

The joints between the side panels in the cockpit also have some biaxial tape applied and the seat frame supports have a coat of epoxy. I painted the supports with the left-over epoxy after wetting out the short lengths of tape.

The edges of the lazarette cut-outs are trimmed flush with the supports underneath and rounded over with a 1/8″ bit. The edges between cockpit deck and footwell are also trimmed.

The outside of the top side panels will be finished bright. To protect these panels from dings and scratches, I rolled on a coat of epoxy.