Today a few little things got done. I cut some small cleats for the tops of the seat back frames. This will give me something to temporarily fix the top stringers and the seat back decks later on with temporary screws. The bottom stringers can be fixed to the cockpit deck to hold them in place. I might glue some small blocks about halfway down the edges of the frames to hold the seat back panels in place when they get installed.

I finished the joint of the cabin top panels with a wide strip of glass on the upper side. I don’t think it will be necessary to glue down a butt block as well. With one layer of glass underneath and one layer on top, that joint will be very strong. Also, there will be at least one more layer on top later when the outside gets glassed.

Because most of the clamps were idle … I glued up the gaff. Instead of using a single piece of timber, I sandwiched two lengths of 1/2″ Celery Top together. There are some good reasons for doing that. It makes the gaff somewhat stronger, it won’t warp and it doesn’t matter much if there are a couple of small knots.