A stitch in time …

Three stitches actually. After sanding down the panels, I couldn’t help but quickly stitch one of the panels to the hull. The top side panel is held by three stitches and the panel of the rear of the cabin is not secured at all ( the clamp is only there to stop it from falling into the cabin, if disturbed ). The seat back formers are only resting against the panels. I must have done something right earlier, because the fit of the top side panel is spot on. The perfect fit can be seen in the 2nd picture – there is no gap showing anywhere.

This is the first time that you get a sense of the space in the cabin. It feels bigger than I expected, but then again, there is no lid on the cabin as yet. There seems plenty of headroom when sitting inside.

For those who wonder about the gap between the cockpit deck panels, there will be a small removable access panel, probably held down by couple of neodym magnets.