Cockpit deck

The two large panels making up the cockpit deck have been dry-fitted and the undersides have been glassed and sanded. The panels are ready to be installed. The two lazarette floors are made from some 6 mm (scrap) ply and the undersides are glassed.  I admit that this isn't the best looking plywood, but it … Continue reading Cockpit deck

Rear framing

The framing for the cockpit deck is complete and the fillets inside the footwell are done. The next step is to clean up the part of the interior that will be covered by the 'lid'. A couple of joints need a bit of filler and there is some cleaning and sanding required, especially around bulkhead … Continue reading Rear framing


The floor boards are finally back in the boat. After fitting the drain plug in bulkhead 8, it took about 2 hours to screw down the boards with 94 bronze screws.  I did not count the screws, but I bought a box of 100 ...