A very short session today, because the weather is just too bad – cold, rainy and windy. Nevertheless, I made up the centre floorboard for the starboard side and three more boards for the forward lift-out sections. Two of these boards are on the bench. I had to apply a bit epoxy to a couple of small knots on the undersides. Celery Top Pine has this feature, whereby any dead, or almost dead knots, will loosen up and possibly fall out altogether. A bit of runny epoxy with a very small amount of wood flour for colouring takes care of these.

As a good estimate, I have spend 320 hours (~40 hrs / week) on the project so far. Keep in mind that I am not following the exact order of things as per manual. At this point, the bow sprit, boom, rudder and tiller are already completed (except prep for paint/varnish). Hmm … Xmas lunch on the boat?