Cleats (2)

I glassed the underside of the forward deck. This part won’t be required for a few days, but it needs a few days to have things cured, sanded, filled, cured, sanded, …

The section between floors 5 and 6 on the starboard side also has glass now.

The other thing for the day was to cut and glue the cleats for the footwell sides and some of the cleats of bulkhead 7. This includes the extra cleats on the footwell sides for the lazarette floors ( between bulkhead 8 and the transom ). The notches for the cleats in bulkhead 8 need to be opened up by 2 mm for the sides to fit. In the photo, the footwell sides sit on top of these notches – that is why they are 1″ to high. It might not look that way, but the cleats on bulkhead 7 are at a right angle to each other.