The long cleats along the sides are glued down , and I made and installed the cleats on bulkhead 8. I marked all positions for the cleats for the cockpit and the footwell side on the transom and the additional cleats for the lazarette floors. Floors in the lazarettes are an addition to the design. Each floor will be at the same level as the footwell sole, with a slight slope and a limber hole into the footwell at the transom. Any water that comes in through the hatches, or gets in from any wet gear, will safely drain into the footwell and then overboard. The area underneath the floors (and the footwell) will be packed with foam as per plan. This water tight compartment will also have a drain plug into the bilge. The hole for the plug in bulkhead 8 can be seen in the photo.

I also put glass down between the floors 5 and 6 on the port side.