Furniture and deck cleats

I made the shelf forward of bulkhead 2. There will be a vertical piece of ply to box this in, from the shelf up to the forward deck. Inside the storage ‘box’ will be a small electrical panel on the port side, just behind the bulkhead.  There will only be a 12V power socket, a USB charger and light switches. The picture shows why I relocated the cutout for the inspection plate in Bulkhead 1 earlier.

The section aft of bulkhead 8 has been sanded lightly and two filler coats of epoxy have been rolled on. I have noticed that it is better to leave epoxy cure for an extra day, before trying to sand it. It does not cure fully overnight in the current low temperatures.

The cleats for the forward deck are just 2 @ 1″ strips of 6 mm waste ply. I will have to run the plane over the cleats to square things up, so that the deck will sit properly for the glue.