Bow, fillets and cleats

After putting glass tape over the fillets forward of bulkhead 1, I fixed the lower breasthook. Plenty of goo and three SS screws on either side will hold it in place.

The second task was to fix the cleat forward of bulkhead 2. The cleat on top of bulkhead 1 would have had only little contact with the deck. This is because the deck slopes and the top of the cleat does not. The side panels are also about 2 mm proud of bulkhead 1 (?). Therefore I fixed a packer (a strip of 6mm ply) on top of the bulkhead which I can quickly trim with a plane to get the height and slope correct. The deck will then be properly supported by that cleat.

Lastly, I finished the last of the fillets on bulkhead 1, 2 and floor 3. Access via the temporary ‘ladder’ works well enough to stay now permanently …


Hull_20           Breasthook_3Hull_21Hull_22   Ladder