Today’s work included sanding the finger joints of the side panels. These panels are ready for some glass now.

I needed to modify bulkhead 1. The location of the opening for the inspection port would have interfered with the ‘furniture’ to be installed between bulkhead 1 and 2. Therefore I cut a new hole and used the cutout to plug the existing opening.

Floor number 4 has been fixed to the hull. I wired the outer ends to the panels and the cradle to square things up. Then I used some thin shims between the cradle and the  panel to get the panel to sit flat against the underside of the floor. Keep in mind that ‘floor’ in PocketShip parlance is the kind of webbing that sits vertically on the bottom panels to support the floor boards ( the photo shows floor 4, which is glued against the center-board case, and floor 3, which is not fixed as yet ).

IMG_0491     IMG_0490IMG_0489