The bulkheads have been liberated from the sheets of plywood, and bulkhead 2 also has its third opening cut in. Through that opening will be a ‘boxed in’ shelf for storage and it will also house the extensive on-board electrics: 1 rotary switch for nav/anchor lights and a 12V power socket.

To make things look acceptable, I used a 3/16″ rounding over bit on all openings in the bulkheads and floors, including the holes for the wiring and the limber holes.

All bulkheads have a first coat of epoxy one one side. Tomorrow I will tackle the transom  – cut the hole for the tiller – and add the cleats to bulkheads 1 and 2. The floors had their second coating after a quick sanding down. The side panels are glued up and are curing flat on the ground.

Bulkhead_1   Bulkhead_2