It is a boat now

After trimming the floor cleats, sanding and a first coat of epoxy, the keel was moved into the cradle (without ceremony).

The bottom panels are in place and (almost) completely stitched on to the keelson. To get the panels to join at the bow, I had to switch to some heavier wire, because the 1.2 mm stuff kept snapping. I wired a speed clamp across the top to pull the tops together and to bend the bow into the right shape. This clamp made the whole affair relatively easy. I also needed a little block to keep the edges of the panels aligned. These are just two small bits of timber and a wood screw to clamp the ply in between. To get things a bit more stable while I was wrestling with the bow, I drove four screws through the outer edge of the panels straight into the cradle. The panels are sitting flat against the cradle and the whole assembly is quite rigid. I will leave these screws in place for the time being, unless they cause things to misalign, when fitting sides, floors and bulkheads.


Floors_2   Hull_2Hull_1