Things are getting heavy

Putting the lead into the keel took a long time. I poured in batches of about 8 kilos (about a pint of liquid), because that is what the gas burner could deal with. I had to cut chunks off the lead flashing that would fit into the pot. A wooden spoon (a strip of plywood) was very handy to stir things around and remove the dross, although it got a bit shorter after each batch.

As you can see in one of the photos, I used a few 2x4s as blocks to keep things together. After every second pour, I moved the blocking upwards by an inch or two. This worked perfectly and everything is just fine. Unless someone will be dropping in a very large amount of molten metal, the recommended use of pavers, bricks, etc. is probably an overkill. However, please don’t blame me if the 2x4s fail to work for you.

Keel_7   Keel_8