Case closed

The center-board case that is. The center-board case, keel sides and nose block are now glued together. I used up 2 x 120 grams of epoxy to assemble the parts. After I made sure that everything lined up and shims were in place, I applied the goo and clamped the lot onto the workbench(es) with a 1″ hardwood spacer in the center-board case for each clamp . The string line shows that things are looking pretty straight. Tomorrow I will spend a bit of time cleaning up the squeeze-out, sanding things flush and running a 1/4″ round-over bit over some of the edges. The manual suggests using a 1/2″ bit on the lower edges of the keel, but that doesn’t leave much along the center-board case – there are only 15 mm of plywood (9 mm + 6 mm). I can always use a 3/8″ or 1/2″ bit later, if necessary – it will only take a minute.

Keel_5   Keel_4