Keel and rudder (2)

The pictures show today’s progress. The rear ‘hollow’ section of the keel is glued up. I have heard a few stories about keels ending up out of proper alignment. So I decided to pop a string-line the full length along the underside of the keel. It is fixed between two little nails, one in the nose block, one in the aft block. This made it reasonably simple to get shims into place to get things straight, and it becomes immediately obvious if things have moved. Fortunately, the clamps have in enough reach so that they do not interfere with the line. I will leave it in place until the center-board case and the second side have been added and everything is solid.

The other bit of work today was to get the big blocking of the rudder sorted – this took all of 5 minutes. I started with a straight router bit and a template guide to cut the blocking in three passes. This was followed by a flush-trim bit to zip off the last bit left behind by using the template guide. For the top bit of blocking, I will just glue in a scrap piece of 3/4″ timber to sit along the pencil line. Once everything has cured, I will use the router again to make it ‘fit’.

You can also see on the bench the center-board with some epoxy covering the lead on the second side.