Keel and rudder

After a cold start to the day (this is not icing sugar dusted over the landscape), I tinkered with a few bits and pieces. I shaped the bottom block for the rudder and also the tapered part of the block on top for the trailing edge. This is the lighter coloured piece of wood (Tassie Oak) under the 4×2 clamp. Tassie Oak is fine grained and it is easy to shape with a small hand plane, unlike the Wattle I used for the other blocks.

The rather big blocking for the rudder is all glued up now, and I should be ok to trim this to the right shape tomorrow.

IMG_0457  IMG_0459

I used up the left over glue to cover the lead on one side of the center-board. The layer of epoxy is about 2mm thick. The mix was still sloppy enough to self-level.

IMG_0458     IMG_0460

I assembled the end of the keel and waterproofed the insides of the panels and blocking of the ‘hollow’ area. This is ready now for the entire keel to be put together. In a variation to the plans and following the photo in the manual (p. 36), I left the aft block 1/4″ short of the top edge of the keel. That gives something to rest and glue the cap on later.